Embedding Zapps to the ZIM forums

Hey ZIMsters,
What I’m about to suggest, is not an official feature coming to ZIM, but a suggestion, there is no confirmation on whether this could come to ZIM.

On hopscotch, you can embed projects into any website
— edit: the embed may not work lol


It would be cool to see this on ZIM, to show errors in code, and to play zapps through the forums.

this post is just a ramble of ideas, and are not confirmed for ZIM, feel free to add whatever you want to it as long as it is appropriate and helpful for our discussion.

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I think codepen gets embedded https://codepen.io/zimjs/pen/gOxNRQa



Probably we would need to make a player for it. I don't know if we would want an editor-type feel like this is or if it should be more like an animated gif but interactive. Maybe a setting for either.