How to send with qr-code the content of a app

It is cool ZIM can draw with the pen, and

but how can I send something drawn on a big screen/laptop/tablet it to phone/other device by a qr-code for example,

or save the drawn content sending als a 'jpg/png' ?

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The Loader() has a save() method which can save any DisplayObject including the stage to a png or jpg. To make that show up on someone's phone as a jpg or png as far as I know would be to save the image to a server and provide a QR code the url of them image stored on the server. We can do the QR code - to store the image on a server requires you have a server and perhaps some PHP. We have done it before. But it is not something ZIM is responsible for but rather the app developer.

We can also store data like the points used to make a drawing with the Pen and that can possibly be sent in the QR code url - not sure how much data can be sent. Then the script on the receiving side can reconstruct the pen drawing based on the data. Again - up to the developer to do this.

super.. but how to collect the pen data?
store data like the points used to make a drawing with the Pen()
I would like to test the "pen code string" to send via qr.. the way it is possible already with.. to generate a qr-code from the link


so is the link to the app

so the qr is the

but how to do for pen data? json link?

Work it out. Collecting pen data is up to the developer.