It is spring.. time for an icecream! app for counting ice

I made an app (in Dutch) + speech English/Dutch/.. where kids can make icecream and pay to the person. Also you can remove the money into the kassa and start again.

What do you think, any improvements possible?

it is based on this example from @abstract on

happy icecream-wheater!

It is a lot at the start. It does not help, perhaps that I don't read dutch - is that what this is? But you could show these Panes one at a time... Or perhaps try adding a

STYLE = {backdropColor:black.toAlpha(.7)} 

or something like that to let people focus on the current content.

The buttons should be the same size if they are that close. So do not use AUTO... use a dimension. More padding in the first pane.

And in general, a little information heavy on the main app page. And I see squares, so is that the Euro issue we were discussing? I guess for now, use an image. I like the calculator under the hand - that looks cool - I wonder if it would look good in the hand sort of... I mean, it is close.

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yes euro issue still
thanks for remarks..
I will work on it :slight_smile: