Make your own maze picture interactive aMAZEing!

A maze is amazing!

Make a drawing of a maze or picture of a maze can be converted directly to a maze with ZIM_physics ..
Original with drawing

Digual drawn maze

Original maze by Dan :

Have an an aMAZEing day! :slight_smile:
Video of 6 years ago

Does that background of the image have to be a specifid color? I can't seem to get this to work.

No borders around the image! A way in fir the circle is needed.

I think the issue is the size. I have to make the canvas the same size as the image and of course the border.

yes it is the size.. it works

Today it is my birthday.. 42 :slight_smile:
so I made this maze

ZAPP: Doolhof 42 birthday Karel Rosseel on 20 feb.


Happy Birthday!