Pen, MotionController, speed and damp

We are using the Pen to allow users to annotate (see where you can click the pencil icon and freehand draw). Using the default speed and damp works okay but a little slowly on my Windows machine and old iPad but it is unworkable on my Lenovo tablet. Anyone have any advice for how to make it work well on all devices?

For actually writing you may want to increase the speed on the MotionController and reduce the damping on the MotionController and/or the Pen. Using these three parameters you can get the pen to draw exactly to the mouse position - but it will be more jittery. So try and find a nice functional balance. Cool app!

Thanks for the tips. I have been playing with the parameters. I haven't found any that are close to passable on my Lenovo P10 Android tablet yet, which is worrying me!

Setting damp on Pen and MotionController to 1 and speed to 100 is going to be as responsive as you get - unless you add the pen to a different Frame and draw there without needing to update all your other stuff every draw. See Optimizing ZIM and point 3

You can create a separate container in your application and create a pen using just createjs. I normally use ZIM. But I'm making the pen with createjs. CreateJS | A suite of JavaScript libraries and tools designed for working with HTML5

here is my activity

There is also blitting a Pen. ZAPP: Blitting a ZIM Pen for Performance with lots of lines | ZIM JavaScript Canvas Framework