QR reader (not creator)

You can already create QR codes in ZIM
but is it possibility to read a QR code via the camera and use the data in your app.

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We do not currently have anything to read a QR Code - would JS library to do that be easy to use - if anyone has a way or have done it before, let us know and we can see if it can be integrated.

I use this one at the moment but it is always on top of the canvas.

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The code has lots of parts... so not easy to integrate. There is Barcode Detection API - Web APIs | MDN an API in js but not supported on all browsers. Still, might be interesting to try. We will keep it in mind for the next version - but that might be the late Summer. We have just launched two pretty major versions and have some projects in mind before the next version of ZIM. Glad you are here. What types of things are you making?

I'm making this letterbord for children (age 5 to 7) where they can learn to write words.
they can write words of animals (dutch, tiger symbol) they can write there own words (ghost) or they can scan the qr code (magnifier) with the word and then rewrite the word and listen to the word bij pressing on it (or clicking)

I made this game for

I also made a game to work with a bead board, they can scan a QR code for examples of how to build it.

I made this app for my son to practise french (or any language), you put the words in a google sheet and with epensheet i create a qr code so i have the json data in my app and he can importe the words he wont's to practice. French app

I made a game to use on the digital board in the classroom to encourage children to read more. Every time they have read a book they can click on a leaf on the card. The idea is that they clear all the leaves and find all the fish that are hidden so that they have a full playing card. It is a competition between the different classes. Who will get a full card first? there are 2 versions, one with fish and one with dinosaurs. reading game fish
reading game dino

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