Speach and Talk Apps

Hello Zeverybody,

Play the word game: speak or type the word into the black box

I like ZIM much because kids can play with games, so I tried to make a type-game and listen-game with words in Dutch.

You can use it for your own language. Just change the recognition language 'nl-NL' to yours and make the words in English :slight_smile:

This is based onto the example of ZIM Quiz part 'listen'

Thanks to learn now Dutch! :slight_smile:




Waaww A beautiful and useful game for learning the pronunciation of the Dutch language

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yes.. for all languages if you change the words an lang="nl-NL" to yours arabic also .. did you already test it out?

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This was always something I dreamed of.. I talk to the computer and the game checks if it was spoken correctly. For kids this is very important.

Now you can make your own series of words .. kids can type or speak..
this example has 3 word cards.

Is this code the easiest way?

Maybe somebody can look inside to understand how I did it :slight_smile:


Enjoy ZIM speachtechnology! it is the future for kids at school!


Well... the speech in ZIM is a simple wrapper for the JavaScript Web Speech API - but it is magical!

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Todlers can not read, so I made a speech button, so they can click the corret animal. Animals are from the ZIM Quiz but now only the 'listen.js' module
Have fun to create your own game by this new speech integration where you can choose your own language that speaks the words that where onto the screen. (not in English, only Dutch words)