Today live conference video stream at fosdem.orf Europe in Brussels

3 feb. was TOP on #fosdem2024 : => workshop for kids 7-17years with parents came coding a scene with Smurfs and Jommeke
= slideshow ZIMjs on FOSDEM’24 - Google Präsentationen with #ZIM with @CoderDojoBe !

Today sunday 4feb. again! with , and examples!! live video 16:00 ! devroom leader @PeterM66 @CoderDojoNL

= link FOSDEM 2024 - ZIMjs 2D PWA apps into 3D+VR with ThreeJS
= with livestream room H1301 FOSDEM 2024 - Stream H.1301 (Cornil)

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@karelrosseel82 - let us know how it went.

And introduce yourself here Introductions! Please tell us something about you! when you get a chance!

Hi everybody.. ZIM was part of the European conference at Brussels :Free Open Source software Developers European Meeting I had a workshop with ZIM of one hour with 20 kids with parents and they were very happy. Also Coderdojo helpers were amazed about the simplicity of code to make scene with smurfs and Jommeke(of comic book) and the atomium from Brussels in Belgium.. because Brussels the Eurpean capital so was in university Bussels a full weekend the Free Open Source Developers Euopean Meeting for junior and adults! On sunday I gave a presentation 16:00-17:00 of one hour live and is recorded and now live to on this link
You can find the slides also online as pdf .
Or as google slides document here
Presentation with workshop slides ZIMjs on 4feb.2024 on - Google Präsentationen
Workshop only: ZIMjs 3feb. 2024 on - Google Präsentationen
Workshop :
FOSDEM 2024 - ZIM Workshop
Presentation FOSDEM 2024 - ZIMjs 2D PWA apps into 3D+VR with ThreeJS

Thanks to watch and share with the world! I made some English language/typ errors but I hope you understand this was because I was nervous before and while presentation.

I hope will be used all over the world in schools as follow up after Scratch!

if you want to see my video live on my youtubechannel with some timestamp, check