Video puzzle

Is it possible to use a video with a scrambler?

you need to add VID to the piece

I want to load a video chop it and use a scrambler to make a 'video puzzle" or just make a video puzzle using puzzle example?

I Do that in the past don't remember the link.
But that possible.

@mathtechie Have you tried to do this yet?

yes, but It doesn't split it puts a video on each "cell".

Do you have a screenshot of what you mean?

Honestly what I would do is to take a thumbnail of the video then after the puzzle is complete show and play the video.

Or anything thing you can do is convert the video to a animated image like a gif or webp.

I was thiking about having it play the video and make it a bit more challenging like this.

hmmm....I haven't tried that. Thanks

You are the man! it worked with a GIF but the quality is bad.

Yeah try an animated WEBP. Might get better quality.

Load it with new pic isn't working? or new gif?

Can you clarify what you are trying to say?

Sorry, how do you load the webp? I tried new pic and new gif. It doesn't load it.

Yeah I think I did something with Webp on a different project. I just loaded it with ZIM and it won't play the animation. Hmm. How big is the Video you are trying to work with?

The one I am testing is about 6.2MB. It's not optimized. The gif worked perfectlly but bad quality and size was too small.

Any thoughts on this @abstract ?

@wanwan - I think you were trying to load a video in a scrambler - but it was WebCam video... did it work for you? I know you are on vacation, but maybe you are back...

Anyway, @mathtechie - you would need to do video like

Make puzzle = new Vid() and ignore all the shapes, etc. being added to puzzle as we do not need those.

Then keep from

	const cols = 3;
	const rows = 9;
	const w = W/cols;
	const h = H/rows;

and down as that will be the same, I think.