Web App for generating quantum coordinates using ZIM

I've developed a web app inspired by the concept of randonauts—adventurers who explore real-life locations chosen by an app that generates coordinates using quantum random numbers. When I sought something similar for game maps, I found nothing. This gap inspired me to create one. Initially dissatisfied with the user interface, I discovered ZIM and embarked on creating a more RPG/VN game-like interface. It took about two months to learn ZIM and implement the changes.

The app now features a ZIM canvas version for non-mobile devices, providing a richer experience. Mobile users are redirected to the original UI to ensure compatibility and ease of use. The un-minified JavaScript file with comments is "app.js" for those interested in understanding how the app functions more easily.

I am continuously working to improve the code and the overall user experience. Feedback and criticism are welcome, as I am not a professional in ZIM or game design—I'm learning as I go. Feel free to ask any questions or share your thoughts. Enjoy exploring the app!

Randoxy - Quantum Quests

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Nice! I see, so the app is fairly simple where you are getting random coordinates for a destination. Cool. I initially was expecting to play a longer game - but now I get it. Very nice looking!

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