Zim & ai

Every Independence Day, there's a special ceremony in Israel where 12 individuals who contributed significantly to the country in the past year are chosen. Each of them lights a torch and dedicates it to people working in the field they are active in. This year, we developed an application that allows everyone, together with AI, to virtually light a torch.

The torch lighter enters their details, and then, in honor of what they're lighting the torch for, they light it. The AI writes a speech for them, and then creates a recording of the text they generated.

The torch lighter can then light the torch, and afterward edit the text and receive a new recording. All the development on the client side was done with ZIM and was as fast and fun as always!


Looks great! I wish I understood my speach!

Send my a print screen :slight_smile :slight_smile:

This is a ready text.
The text of this beacon light is for the teachers and students, who bring knowledge to the world.

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