G’day from Jye

Howdy, ZIMsters!

I am joining the forum as a moderator, and a support guide, joining the forum from Australia.

My origins of coding was from an app called Hopscotch, I am still using the app from time to time but this year, I decided to look for alternatives, I came across ZIM whilst being bored at school, and now, I am obsessed!

This is why I joined ZIM, and eventually joined the team. I am super excited to begin this journey here. I am still looking around, but feel free to ask me anything.

Over the next while, I will be discussing with @abstract about ways we can increase activity, we have already decided on two things, Coding Competitions are back, and we will add some ‘forum games’ to play while browsing the site.

I need some opinions from y’all, do you want community-run competitions, alongside our official ones, if so, let me know so I can create the category.


Community Events?
  • Yes
  • No
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The last forum I was apart of did coding challenges. I was never on the admin side but there were 1wk, 2wk, and 30day(4wk) challenges.

IE 30day challenge: Someone would create the theme of the challenge like: Build a flappy bird game. The first week required you to have a "bird" / character, gravity, and with mouse clicks the character could float in the air. The second week you had to build an infinite level design. Third week build scrolling obstacles. Fourth week was to build a scoring system.


Epic, I’ll have to see what we can do first, if possible, @pettis can you make a #community category

On another note, feel free to AMA [1] in this topic.

  1. Ask me Anything :slight_smile: ↩︎

Grr why did it close???